Florida Property Receiver Force is a bonded, licensed and insured

Court Appointed Receiver that offers a No-Cost Receivership

Program throughout the State of Florida.


As Receiver, Florida Property Receiver Force rehabs, manages,

maintains, secures and rents the vacant delinquent properties at

no cost to the COA/HOA. The COA/HOA has no liability or cost and

is held harmless. Florida Property Receiver Force pays the COA/HOA

30% of the rent or their monthly assessment, whichever is greater.


Florida Property Receiver Force can include any properties that are

delinquent and vacant or renter-occupied, including abandoned;

Lender or COA/HOA owned or in foreclosure; and Probate.


Florida Property Receiver Force prepares and files the petition to gain appointment as Receiver, at no cost or effort to the COA/HOA.

Once appointed by the Court, Florida Property Receiver Force does a complete inspection, including photos, then creates work orders

for the clean-out, repairs, improvements, and replacements, which are reviewed and approved by our Licensed General Contractor.

Once the rehab is complete the unit is listed to occupy. Florida Property Receiver Force places vetted and COA/HOA approved individuals

into these properties. These individuals are issued an occupancy license, in lieu of a lease, to ensure they comply with all COA/HOA rules

and regulations. Florid Property Receiver Force maintains the unit while it is under Receivership and issues quarterly reports to the



Prior to removing the property from Receivership, Florida Property Receiver Force recovers for the COA/HOA the statutory “Safe Harbor”  where applicable or the entire delinquent balance. 100% of what is collected for the COA/HOA is paid to the COA/HOA. Florida Property Receiver Force is paid separately by the First Lien Holder or Purchaser. There is never a cost to the COA/HOA. Florida Property Receiver Force's properties are often sold at the foreclosure auction to third party purchasers since they have been rehabbed, maintained and  occupied, permitting the COA/HOA to collect the entire delinquent balance, versus the “Safe Harbor” collected when the Lender takes

back an abandoned unit.


Florida Property Receiver Force has a team with over 39 years of Legal, Property Management and General Contracting experience. All

vendors are vetted, licensed and insured.


Florida Property Receiver Force reduces COA/HOA debt and liability; beautifies the community by eliminating code violations and 

maintaining and preserving the homes; improves the community’s economy; increases property and adjacent property values; and

ensures the safety of residents, communities, and properties by eliminating infestations and reducing neighborhood crime, vandalism,

and unlawful occupation.





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