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Free Program. FPR FORCE assumes all costs for the preparation and filing of the                                                                                                         petition to gain appointment as Receiver. Additionally, FPR FORCE assumes all future                                                                                                   costs of the Receivership. Our specialized Receivership program is FREE to the HOA/COA.

Recover Delinquent Balances Owed. Prior to occupancy and before release from                                                                                                 Receivership, FPR FORCE recovers the statutory ‘Safe Harbor’ and negotiates with                                                                                                       the owner/first lien holder to recover the entire delinquent balance owed on the property.

Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Debt. FPR FORCE pays the current and past due                                                                                                  HOA/COA fees for the properties they occupy and manage. FPR FORCE guarantees                                                                                                     timely, uninterrupted payments. The HOA/COA can start receiving payments in as little                                                                                                   as six weeks.

Clean up and Rehab HOA/COA Properties. FPR FORCE pays for the initial clean up                                                                                                  and improvements for each vacant property.

Maintain, Manage and Secure HOA/COA Properties. FPR FORCE assumes responsibility for the maintenance and operating expenses of the homes, including all appliances, HVAC, plumbing and electric. FPR FORCE pays for repairs, lawn, pool, pest control, electric, water and sewer.

Bonded, Licensed and Insured. FPR FORCE is bonded, licensed and insured. FPR FORCE carries Commercial General Liability Insurance of $1 million per Incident per Property. This amount can be increased to meet HOA/COA requirements. Additionally, all occupants carry Personal Property and Liability Insurance. FPR FORCE indemnifies and holds the HOA/COA harmless and assumes all liability during the term of the Receivership.

Experience and Expertise. FPR FORCE has a team with over 40 years of property management and general contracting experience. FPR FORCE’s legal team specializes in Receivership, Property Management, Insurance, Loss Mitigation and Real Estate. All FPR FORCE vendors are vetted, licensed and insured.

Vetted Occupants. FPR FORCE places law enforcement, fire/rescue and military members and other vetted individuals into the properties. These occupants are issued occupancy licenses after completing FPR FORCE’s proprietary Certification Training program. All occupants strictly adhere to the procedures and policies of FPR FORCE and the HOA/COA.

Reduce Legal Expenses. FPR FORCE offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to foreclosure and lien. FPR FORCE avoids these legal costs and begins to generate income in as little as six weeks. The HOA/COA still preserves the right to lien and foreclose on the property.

Reduce HOA/COA Liability. FPR FORCE reduces the HOA/COA’s liability associated with foreclosure. FPR FORCE assumes all liability and indemnifies and holds the HOA/COA harmless.

Reduce Insurance Costs. FPR FORCE reduces the HOA/COA’s vacant property and liability insurance costs associated with foreclosure.

Eliminate Vacant Property Issues. FPR FORCE eliminates code violations, reduces home deterioration and ensures the safety of residents, communities and properties by reducing neighborhood crime.

Eliminate Landlord/Tenant Issues. FPR FORCE eliminates late payments, lease violations and evictions. All occupants strictly adhere to the procedures and policies of FPR FORCE and the HOA/COA.

Increase Property Value and Marketability. FPR FORCE beautifies the community by eliminating code violations and maintaining and preserving the homes, and increasing property and adjacent property values.

Property by Property Accounting. FPR FORCE performs property specific accounting; each property is responsible for its own delinquencies.


Court Supervision. FPR FORCE submits quarterly reports to the Court and HOA/COA.




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